WeVue brings teams across the globe closer together

Connecting offices and people across states, countries, and continents usually happens over email or the phone. But can you create a great culture that your entire team engages with when you’re not all in the same office? With WeVue you can. 

Kevin Brown went from selling with iPipeline in the US to the UK

With offices in Cheltenham, England, Ft. Lauderdale, Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Exton, PA their team is diverse and spread across the world. Leadership there is maniacal about creating an innovative culture of connectedness, but keeping people in touch across geographical locations didn’t live up to their standard of excellence. 

Kevin had been in the UK for well over a year when iPipeline implemented WeVue, and he jumped at sharing what it was like living amongst the Brits with the US team. 

Kevin knows how to strut the stars and stripes

As soon as Kevin downloaded WeVue, he thought it would be an awesome way to show his American counterparts how their culture in Cheltenham was a bit different, and how he was sharing what it meant to be an American to his team. 

From showcasing the office to sharing new traditions

Kevin not only showed how he was integrating into British life, but how he was introducing American holidays to his new coworkers. His team in the US was then able to better connect with him and with their British counterparts. 

Kevin received a hearty goodbye and a warm welcome home

When it came time to leave, Kevin shared pictures of his “send off-do” with the British team to the app, and his welcome home photos so both teams across the pond knew their business and their people could seamlessly span the Atlantic. 

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