August 1, 2016

Culture Chalk Talk: Candidate Experience

The WeVue Culture Chalk Talks are quick snapshots into ways you can quickly change the dynamics of your workplace. We share insights on things we’re doing at WeVue to build a stronger team, successes and failings of small and large companies, and culture hacks to encourage more employee engagement and better communication. If you have a suggestion or a question you’d like us to discuss, let us know in the comments.

Candidate Experience:

When we started WeVue, we made a pact: no candidates that applied to work with us would ever be left in the dark. As young founders, we’d previously gone on interviews we’d spent weeks preparing for. They’d go well, or at least we’d think they went well. We heard the same thing from our friends – the constant complaint that a company simply went dark after an interview.

We’ve made following up with every candidate that applies to work with us a part of our culture and our recruiting process. As a result, we’ve had countless candidates tell us, even after taking another job, that they want to stay abreast of what we’re doing and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to help us even though we weren’t the right fit. We’ve made our recruiting process a part of who we are as people – and we try to promote the best potential hires in our communities and to other companies.

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