June 22, 2016

Culture Chalk Talk: Core Values and the U.S. Open

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Play Fair to win in business and the U.S. Open 

Core values can be a key differentiator when looking at the cultural success of a business. Not only do they play into understanding how you do business, but core values, when well defined, can be the basis of every decision that is made within an organisation. There should never be an ethical grey area when deciding whether to pursue a deal, make a higher, or develop a feature. Well defined values remove that ambiguity.

Over the weekend the 116th U.S. Open was played at Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh and there was an amazing story displaying the core values of golf. In this week’s Chalk Talk we unpack how this story from the U.S. Open displayed Dustin’s respect for the game and his willingness to abide by the core values. If golf were a business, Dustin put millions of dollars on the line to defend a the values of sportsmanship that are ingrained in the way he plays the game.

In business, all too often, core values are buzzword such as “Teamwork” and “Leadership”. They don’t actually spark any action for people beyond the executive team, and most team members couldn’t recite them if we asked. So we challenge you to try to envision what your company’s core values really mean. If you can’t imagine giving up money on the table to defend something you believe doesn’t align with what your company values, it might be time to hold a team meeting to tweak those values.

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