August 10, 2016

Culture Chalk Talk: HACK

The WeVue Culture Chalk Talks are quick snapshots into ways you can quickly change the dynamics of your workplace. We share insights on things we’re doing at WeVue to build a stronger team, successes and failings of small and large companies, and culture hacks to encourage more employee engagement and better communication. If you have a suggestion or a question you’d like us to discuss, let us know in the comments.


The word hack has had a serious shift in meaning over the last ten or so years. What used to be a negative term to describe breaking in or stealing information is now a term used to describe how many Fortune 100 companies operate on a daily basis. Hacking is this idea of working fast on small digestible projects that in turn will amount to an overall better product or solution. Hacking something together is the way successful companies build products and troubleshoot issues.

This week we talk about the word hack and how this concept has changed the way do business.

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