WeVue helps teams share their work

Gathering customer testimonials, showing off creative projects, and visually collaborating across locations usually requires a professional photographer or videographer. Not with WeVue. 

Keith Olpinski is a Sales Manager at Pepin Distributing

When it comes to business leadership, customer service, and community support, Pepin Distributing Company sets the industry standard. They sell roughly 9.4 million cases of beer a year, and with over 50 years in the beverage industry, they have a rich history of cultural greatness. 

With sales reps constantly in the field helping their customers to show off and sell their products, collaboration can always use a boost. 

Keith knows how to make beer look good

After using WeVue, Keith realized it would be a great way to show off how his team helps their customers create awesome beer displays in supermarkets and convenience stores. 

Once a week his team posts a display photo

When they’re out in the field, they’re reminded to add photos of the displays they’ve helped to create. The creativity circles around WeVue even though that the team doesn’t meet in the office all that often. 

Keith's team can now share displays from other stores...

So when they’re proposing a new brand or a new way to show of a beloved beverage, they’ve got a collection of projects they’ve worked to show off, all on the mobile phone they’re already carrying around. 

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