May 27, 2016

Culture Chalk Talks: Engagement in an Escape Room


The WeVue Culture Chalk Talks are quick snapshots into ways you can quickly change the dynamics of your workplace. We share insights on things we’re doing at WeVue to build a stronger team, successes and failings of small and large companies, and culture hacks to encourage more employee engagement and better communication. If you have a suggestion or a question you’d like us to discuss, let us know in the comments. 

The Escape Room

We recently took our team to an escape room in Clearwater, Florida. A few months ago, we decided to start planning monthly culture outings. We’d use a Friday afternoon and do something that brings us closer as a team and inspires us come the following Monday morning. What better way for a group of software nerds to bond than over a bunch of puzzles inside of a locked room.

The concept is simple. You’re locked in a room scattered with clues and given an hour to figure out how to escape. There are all sorts of objects in the room but no clear line of sight as to how they relate to one another. Once the timer starts ticking, it’s up to you to figure out how and where to focus your energy. You’re left with only a microphone and the ability to phone in for up to three clues. Once the clues are used up, you’re on your own.

After escaping with 00:02 left on the clock, we left with a better understanding of our team dynamic, a sense of trust that it takes most teams years to fully appreciate, and a small victory. We didn’t have time to doubt one another – instead we had to trust in our various skill sets and allow ourselves the opportunity to explore solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems without oversight or micro management. Only 18% of teams made it out of the room we entered in, and if it weren’t for some quick thinking on the part of our newest hire, we’d probably still be locked in a dungeon.

Check out the video to learn how you can benefit from monthly culture days and escape from the doldrums of the room you’ve locked yourself in…

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