June 1, 2015

Getting Started

What is WeVue and what does it do?

In our humble opinions, WeVue is the best way to capture, enhance, and promote company culture by turning you and your coworkers into photographers, videographers, writers, and storytellers allowing you to crowdsource the best of what you do together.

We’ve created a custom version of the app for your company and this post will give you an overview of how to get started showcasing who you are and what you do with those you work with. The app is strictly private for you and your coworkers to share content with each other.

Finally, content that is shared within the app can be streamed from the application to your company’s website to give people an insight into your company through the eyes of the people that know it best.

Download The App

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        For Android

Sign Up

You’ll only be able to join your company by using your work email. Once you sign up, you’ll be required to confirm that you actually own that email address, and upon confirmation, you’ll be ready to start using the app. Once you complete the signup process you’ll be welcomed by your company branding.





Upon entering the app, you will see a welcome screen for you company, and you will be brought into the album list. This list of albums encompasses everything that is happening at your company such as company events and happenings around the office. Go ahead and start exploring your albums.




Adding Photos, Videos, or Text Posts

You will be able to add pictures, videos, and text posts by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner of any album and then selecting “Add Photo or Video” or “Add Text Post”. Each picture you add can be commented on or “liked” by anyone else that is a part of the album. The content added to an album can be shared out to social networks as well as used in a Vue!



What is a Vue?!?

A Vue is a movie made from pictures and videos that have been added to an album. Vues are great ways to recap an event and share content in an engaging fun method, here is an example Vue from a New Hire Introduction.

To create a Vue, hit the plus sign in the top right corner from the album screen, but this time select “Create a Vue”. You will be brought into the Vue creation page where you can select the pictures and videos you want to include in your Vue. You can drag and drop each picture or video, as well as zoom in and crop each individual picture or video. You can erase whatever you don’t want added to your Vue by hitting the trashcan. You can add comments to any piece of media by clicking the pencil. Finally, add a soundtrack from your iTunes by hitting the music note. When finished, click publish and within a few minutes your Vue will be complete. In some organizations, only administrators can create Vues, so if you don’t have this functionality but you’re interested in making a Vue, talk to the champion at your organization.



Your Profile

The profile will show you the albums you have contributed to along with the Vues you have made and the people following you as well as the people you are following.


Looking For Someone? 

To search coworkers all you need to do is go to the “People” tab in the menu. You will be presented with a list of everyone in your company that has joined WeVue, you can follow them right there or you can go to their profile. Do not forget there is a built in social network on the app that allows you to follow and be followed by coworkers. Follow as many people as possible to stay in touch with everything happening at your company.


Activity Feed

The activity feed can be accessed from the menu and it acts as a way to follow what is happening within your company. The feed will keep you up to date with your followers and their activity within the app as well as company announcements.

Ideas and Possibilities 

We have seen albums made for some really awesome office happenings. We’ve seen crowdsourced content for everything from dance competitions to dress up selfie contests. Senior executives have shared body building pics and new hires have made Vues showcasing why they joined your team. We want to foster some fun and exciting competitions so any ideas you have please let us know. This app has been created for you to express what is really happening within your office so go ahead and get creative! If you have any good ideas please tell them to your champions or if you have the ability, just create an album.

Feedback and the Future

At any point if you have feedback please reach out to We’re adding new features every day and we want to make sure we’re building what you want. Our goal is to help you build a better company by capturing and promoting awesome culture – don’t hesitate to let us know if we’re not living up to that.

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