WeVue helps teams cut down on meetings

The average manager spends 35% of his or her time in a meeting and 92% of people are multi-tasking and not paying attention when a meeting is happening. Only 4% of people multi-task on video calls, but wrangling everyone together at the same time can be a scheduling nightmare and a technical challenge. 

Anton Rius is the Marketing Manager at gothamCulture

With consultants based all over the US working on projects with companies like JetBlue, Virgin America, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York, they don’t have time to waste on meetings. 

But with important updates on marketing, strategy, and operations Anton needs a way to keep his team in the know. 

Every Friday Anton and his team are reminded to share their updates

Asking them to share a quick video about what they accomplished this week and what they might need help with. 

The rest of the team can watch their updates

Received via email or saved onto the app, so if someone new joins the team or a project, they can easily see the progress made during the last few weeks without need for another meeting. 

Watch an Update
Anton's team provides input and feedback

And no one ever had to send an email, hop on a call, or try and coordinate busy schedules. 

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