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Here’s How to Turn Your Job Descriptions Into Viral Hits

Viral Jobs!

This post was originally published as a guest contribution on Lever’s blog. Lever is the world’s first collaborative applicant tracking system that you and your entire team will love.  Have you ever created a job posting that hundreds of thousands of people go to sleep at night dreaming about? One that breathes new life into your recruiting pipeline with hoards of qualified applicants and bolsters your employer brand in a way you never thought was possible? We’re about to teach you how to turn an ordinary job posting into a candidate-generating machine. Tourism Queensland In 2009, Tourism Queensland, Australia launched a campaign to hire someone for “The Best Job in the World.” With a large salary, free lodging in an expensive villa, transportation, and the role of essentially babysitting the Great Barrier Reef for half a year while living on a tropical island, the job quickly went viral. Tourism Queensland invested $1M  in the campaign; it’s estimated that all told it generated $200M in global publicity for Tourism Queensland. The “job post” was then expanded to Tourism Australia as a whole, and they’ve generated 333,000 job applicants and 40,000 video entries. Does your company get those kind of applicant numbers from a job post? With a title like “Quality Assurance Analyst,” I’m going to assume the answer is no. Google When Google was faced with the problem of how to hire the best engineers in the world, they turned not to the web, but to a massive billboard in Harvard Square that read: […]

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7 Steps to Building a Family Culture at Your company

This post was originally published on gothamCulture’s blog. As a trusted partner of WeVue, gothamCulture works on identifying the underlying causes of organizational obstacles and assisting leaders to develop and execute breakthrough strategies that elevate their performance. One of the most common things I hear when talking to companies about their culture is, “our culture is like a family” OR “I want our culture to feel like a family.” Clients often cite examples of supporting sick coworkers and open communication, but are there deeper elements of a healthy family structure to consider? I decided to look at what really makes a successful family and apply those same principles to building a better company based on research from leading psychologists in the fields of marital stability, divorce prediction, and couples therapy. No one knows what a healthy family looks like better than psychologists John and Julie Gottman. Thirty-five years ago, the Gottmans founded the “Love Lab” at the University of Washington. At the “lab”, they brought couples into a fake bed and breakfast. Over the course of a weekend, they studied how the pair interacted and measured their physiological responses to the ways they communicated. They then went on to follow those same couples over the course of their relationships, studying how they continued to interact with each other through marriage, divorce, having children, and in some cases, as they approached death. After years of study, they found that with fifteen minutes of observation they could predict with 94% accuracy what the outcome […]

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