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GE Is Not Your Granddaddy’s Company

  This fall, GE is running a series of commercials aimed at showing tech minded millennials that they’re the place to work if you want to make a real impact on the world. GE’s television commercials tell the story of Owen, a millennial software developer and his new job at GE. Owen is excited about his new job at GE, but the conflict in the commercials arises when no one else understands what he is doing at GE or why he’d be working for such a company. Everyone from his parents who present him with a hammer to “build things with”, to his friends who think he is going to be working “on a train” are confused on what Owen will be doing at GE. The goal of these commercials is to change the perception of GE for both the younger and the older generations. GE wants to be known as a cool place to work that also provides value. These commercials do a great job of communicating the message of value and truly speak well to millennials. We’ll be the first to say, you’ll probably be seeing more commercials like these in the coming years as legacy companies battle to remain attractive and relevant to developers like Owen. THIS ISN’T YOUR GRANDDADDY’S COMPANY The first of the three commercials depicted the millennial software developer, Owen, discussing his new job at GE with his parents. This first commercial really sets the stage for GE. They want everyone to know they are […]

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