WeVue helps teams share knowledge with Q&A

Remote and distributed teams don’t have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise in the same way that smaller organizations based in one location do. Questions on WeVue aren’t surveys – they allow for real, open-ended photo and video responses, so you can actually hear what your people have to say in regards to a topic or issue.  

Elizabeth Boardman is the Founding Partner of the Milspo Project

The Milspo Project is on a mission to empower and educate military spouse entrepreneurs, wherever in the world they’re located – because a stronger United States Military starts with stronger military spouses. 

With security challenges using Facebook groups and limited functionality with other networking tools, Milspo wanted a better way to showcase their members, businesses, and lessons learned. 

Elizabeth asks all her members questions about how they work

A push notification and an email goes out to all the members, asking them to contribute their knowledge and best practices around the challenges of being both a military spouse and an entrepreneur. 

Milspo's collectively knowledge now lives in one place

So when a new entrepreneur joins the group, she can learn from all the other Milspo entrepreneurs that have been sharing their knowledge for the last few months. 

New and existing members can always connect with WeVue

With a collection of information on their businesses, their challenges, and their victories, WeVue is helping military spouses to create stronger businesses across the world. 

See how other teams use WeVue

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