WeVue helps organizations visually break down silos

Showcasing what you’re building across departments, teams, and locations is one of the keys to creating a healthy culture. When you’re working on visual projects, WeVue lets you easily share a glimpse inside the work with anyone that may be interested. 

Megan Stearman is the Marketing Director for Oxford Development

With 50 years in business, Oxford has managed the development of over 40 million square feed of property in the commercial office, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, sports, and entertainment asset classes. Today, they’re building the future of Pittsburgh. 

Megan wanted to show her entire company how they are changing the landscape and helping to revitalize the city. 

Megan and her team often visit client sites

From high rise projects, to new residential developments, Oxford is working on multiple projects around the city of Pittsburgh. But with development, brokerage, and project management businesses, most of the team had no idea the diversity of projects the company was involved with. 

WeVue helps Oxford document their progress

They used to take pictures and share them on an internal S-Drive where hardly anyone ever saw them. Now they take pictures on their phones and share them with the entire company on WeVue. 

Oxford is building the future of Pittsburgh

And WeVue is helping them share that future with everyone that works there. 

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