June 16, 2016

Culture Chalk Talk: Continued Education

The WeVue Culture Chalk Talks are quick snapshots into ways you can quickly change the dynamics of your workplace. We share insights on things we’re doing at WeVue to build a stronger team, successes and failings of small and large companies, and culture hacks to encourage more employee engagement and better communication. If you have a suggestion or a question you’d like us to discuss, let us know in the comments.

Creating Opportunity for Learning

Why does your education have to stop when you are done with school? The answer is it doesn’t and it shouldn’t. Empowering team members with the resources, connections, time, and opportunity to learn outside of their core functions and outside of the office results in more engaged team members, better-performing people, an opportunity to recruit, and to sell to new clients.

Companies such as Starbucks believe so much in continued education that they are willing to pay for their employees to go to school. This perk also directly plays into the culture of Starbucks and creates a deeper cultural connection with the company and their employees.

Today we talk about how you can get your employees to continue their education and become more well-rounded individuals. Learning opportunities range from executive coaching all the way to online training. There are so many different options these days to continue to learn, now you just need to go ahead and get involved.

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