May 19, 2015

WeVue Launches App Focused On Enhancing Company Culture

Roughly 8 months ago we discovered an incredible opportunity to turn our consumer crowdsourcing technology into a robust business solution. We’d used our consumer app with various businesses to help them gather content at their outward facing events, and the response was always incredible – marketing loved having a pool of content to use to promote the event after it ended, and attendees loved the chance to share and connect in a more private setting than on facebook or twitter.

So we decided to go all in on building a tool for these types of customers…

Our Next Move…

We went into stealth mode. Cut all the fat. We dropped over 15 interns and employees culled for the consumer market and focused purely on businesses. We needed to know what makes the CEO tick, what makes the marketing department tick, what makes HR go “WOW”? We knew picture and video sharing was shiny and fun, but we needed to know if there was a need for picture and video communication in the enterprise world. These were question we asked while developing the new WeVue…

What We’ve Created…

The new WeVue is a corporate culture tool that captures, enhances, and promotes company culture through picture and video sharing around cultural experiences within and outside of the office. We want to capture those moments within your company that make your workplace special. We want to enhance your company’s culture by connecting employees digitally and giving them a place to communicate around culture. Finally, we want to promote your company’s culture by showing off rich employee centric content to the rest of the world.

“I think WeVue is the best way I have ever seen to introduce a new hire to a company. I have never seen anything better. I care so much about creating great places to work, you want to get to know your coworkers and build trust, that’s very important and a passion of mine. WeVue is helping me do that. ” -Director of Operations TargetSolutions

Is WeVue For You?

This new WeVue is not for every company, it’s for companies that care about their people and want to keep those people around for a while. The average millennial will have 7 jobs before they turn 30, and we’ve come to believe that is in large part because they do not understand the culture of the companies they are joining and there are not enough tools to get them integrated into that culture after that start working. Sometimes change is what a company needs to foster success. Change is progressive and so are we…are you? If the answer to this question is yes, then KABOOM let’s talk!

Company culture is something that can make or break a company. Whether you work with 10,000 or 10 people, culture is the way you do what you do, and we want be a part of that.

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