November 18, 2015

Why are Facebook and Google Archetypes for Great Culture?

The Millennial Interviews:

Over the past few weeks we set out to interview the most talented millennials we know and the people that hire them. Our goal was to have a better understanding of the type of work these brilliant, young people do, what they look for when trying to find a job, and how they connect with potential employers.
On the flip side, we wanted to know how seasoned entrepreneurs viewed these young employees. How did they find the best talent and scale their organizations. What did they think of this up and coming generation of makers and shakers?
We’ve broken the interviews out into a series that we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks. If you missed meeting our interviewees, check our last post. 

Part 5: This is why we really want to work at google…

What’s more important: compensation or happiness? While companies like google and Facebook promise candidates both, the reasons why millennials want to work for some companies and not others isn’t as complex as people think it is.

In our final part of the Millennial Interviews we asked our friends to take a deeper dive into their experience both looking for jobs and finding organizations they loved working for.

Were there things about certain companies that just made them KNOW they wanted to work there?

By listening to their stories, you’ll have a better understanding of how to build a company that people of all ages want to work for.

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